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What Is A Web Presence Audit All About?

Accordig to the best digital agency Singapore, you need to ask yourself some questions to understand the current web presence of your brand:

  1. Is your brand properly promoted online?
  2. When was the last time you created and launched a new website?
  3. Have you tested the features and functionalities of your website?
  4. Do you update and add new content on your website often?
  5. Are you updated with your search and social marketing?
  6. Is your content mobile optimized?
  7. How are visitors reacting to your website?

The audit entails an in depth analysis of how your website functions across all platforms by testing the features and functionality it offers to your users. The major factors are reviewing every aspect from your brand image, content optimization, security, and privacy concerns, to offer valuable insights into the overall status of your web presence.

Checking your social media status and digital touch points make the confirmation even clearer. Evaluating the effective nature of your SEO, examining your traffic website, and the actions taken by the visitors. It all roots down to the analysis, refining, and adapting based on the goals and objectives. The gist is to determine what is working and what is not so that you can create a better online experience for your customers. Remember to be visually appealing and be user friendly to be deemed a credible and reliable brand.

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